Look at Bruce Lee’s Mysterious Death under Feng Shui View

The news of Brandon Lee’s death shocked the whole world, especially all those fans of his father Bruce Lee. At the time, newspapers and magazines often mentioned Brandon because of the movies he starred in, and many people were looking for his fathers shadow in him.

(Michael Tse) When I was little and living in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee was my hero.

All the Hong Kong people liked him. He proved that small Chinese could be strong, and his fighting style showed that martial arts should be direct for fighting and not decoration. In particular, his muscular build impressed everyone, his hack looked as if he had a pair of wings. His facial expressions and charisma no one can forget.

During the 70’s the world’s attention was upon him: television, newspapers and magazines reported stories about him, anything with his name on it would sell out. At that moment many martial arts clubs became full over-night. To the martial arts world he was like a miracle.

Suddenly, news of his death broke out! Nobody could believe it! Even now no one is sure how he died, it is still a secret.

After twenty years his son has now died in a filming accident. This has made many people think about him and his father. It has been reported that before he died he said he felt the demon that had killed his father and said that it was now following him! In the end it seems it took his life!

This certainly creates a mystical side to the death of Brandon Lee and connects it with his father’s.

What is Feng Shui (Phong Thủy) and How It Affects Our Life ?

The Warning

On the other side of the world in Hong Kong, people say that his death was a result of his family’s Feng Shui.

Feng Shui – The name is getting more and more popular in the west. When you go to a book shop it’s easy to find books on the subject. “Feng” means wind, “Shui” means water. Wind and water are the major elements that affect our lives, they are the basic energies that are connected to our environment.

If your environment and house are not ‘good’, this will affect your health and your life, even your finances and your marriage. A ‘good’ house has good energy; a ‘bad’ house has bad energy. In the west they have translated this to Geomancy.

If we only deal with the energy of your house we call this ‘Yang House Feng Shui’.

So we must also have ‘Yin House Feng Shui’.

After people die we bury them in a grave; this grave also has energy. this is Yin House Feng Shui, which will affect the deceased’s off-spring. So, if the ancestor is buried in a place with good energy, it will bring good luck to his off-spring.

Maybe one will become very famous or maybe very rich. So, traditionally, Feng Shui is very important to Chinese people.

A Feng Shui master once informed Bruce Lee’s family that their Yin House Feng Shui was not good. But they ignored him and later Bruce Lee died; now his son is dead too and even the marriages of Bruce’s two brothers ended in divorce (they have since remarried).

The Feng Shui master said that Bruce Lee’s father, Lee Hoi Chuen, was buried in the wrong place.

Lee Hoi Chuen was a very famous actor in the Chinese Opera and the movies, he was also very well known in Hong Kong. He died in the war when the Japanese bombed Canton.

He was buried in the wrong place, as next to his grave is the grave of a young child. This grave would affect Lee Hoi Chuen’s off-spring. He would have famous children but they would die young.

The Feng Shui master suggested that they build a wall between the graves to block the energy from the other grave. However, the Lee family would not accept what he said.

The grave of Lee Hoi Chuen (right). Next to it is the grave of David Lee, a thirteen year old boy.

At this time, American spacemen had already landed on the moon, women could take a pill and stop having babies, you could go to the doctor and get a drug to reduce your fever, all the machines were getting faster and faster and you could go to the gym and build up the same muscles as Bruce Lee.

Everything was science, science was god, science could give you everything you wanted. Who cared whether dead people’s graves were good or bad.

How could a dead body affect living people? People were more interested in which car was the fastest, which television had the best picture and which hi-fi had the best sound.

People were more interested in possessions, in material things, and China was just in the heat of the Cultural Revolution.

After Bruce Lee’s death no one remembered the words of the Feng Shui master, but many stories about his death emerged.

The Conflicts

One said that his Chinese name had a problem. In Chinese he was called “Small Dragon”. He lived in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. However Kowloon Tong means “The Pool of Nine Dragons”. How could a small dragon live with nine dragons? So in Hong Kong his development lasted only five years, then he died.

Another was about his last film “Game of Death”. This brought him had luck because the name connected him with death. In the end he finished the film in the grave. Also, people found that the main entrance of his home was built up like a coffin. This is a symbol of had luck and death.

I have also heard a story that, after his death, his coffin was being transported from Hong Kong to America and was cracked by the air pressure. So they needed to change his coffin when he arrived in America. More bad luck.

It seems many unlucky things were against him. If you notice, before his death, on the movie “Enter the Dragon” his face is very dark. That dark color reflects the state of his health and tells us he was coming to the end. Chinese medicine tells us that this dark color is caused by significant damage to the kidneys. The kidneys are very important organs.

They can store our vital energy and Jing (sexual energy or sperm). if the kidneys become damaged you will develop back problems. suffer from tiredness, bags under the eyes and the face will turn a black color.

An early photograph of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon

Many unhappy things happened to him. He worked very hard at his martial arts and philosophy, but he did not even see his most famous film ‘Enter the Dragon”.

It is very sad. The Chinese say: “Big trues will catch more wind”. So with all the attention he drew, anything happening to him would be big.

Feng Shui of The House

In traditional Chinese Feng Shui, when a person died the family had to find a good place to bury him.

This would bring good luck to the off-spring, also the ancestor would have a peaceful rest. Like a tree that has strong and deep roots, its fruit have to be big and sweet. Alternatively, a grave with the wrong Feng Shui will bring the wrong energy to the offspring, damage their health, business, marriage, their lives.

Therefore rich men, before they died, would already have found a Feng Shui master to choose a grave in a good location. This is however only Yin House Feng Shui. We must also consider the house we live in – Yang House Ring Shui.

The house must be in good condition. Everything must he in order, be it the colors of the house, the directions of the doors and windows, the position of the bed and other furniture are very important. They need to be in the right place and they need the correct light, space and air.

These are the basic elements of Feng Shui. You cannot miss one, otherwise it will affect your health, business and your fortunes. How you decorate your main entrance, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, toilet and garden, all will affect your health.

Of course your date of birth is connected to your Feng Shui and the number of your house must be fit for you. Every year the energy of the universe changes so you must know how to stove your furniture into different positions.

Your house affects your health, your work, even your mentality, so it cannot be ignored.

It is easy to see. People with good fortunes have houses in good condition. People who have lost their position, whose business has run down and whose close friends have left, their house must have had Feng Shui.

Feng Shui has a few thousand years of history – the root is very deep.

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