Feng Shui of the Bedroom – Part II

Feng Shui is about your environment where you live and how to find a place that is good for your energy. If your energy is good and strong, then your life will be good and your future as well.

image courtesy of raleighlandscape

image courtesy of raleighlandscape

There are two points that you need to consider.

One part is all the objects you can see and these can be things like mountains, rivers etc., even small things, like tables, doors, bed etc.

It also includes things you cannot see which is related to how the energy radiates in nature, e.g. magnetic fields, stars, the energy from the sun and moon, the time of day, the month and the year.

This energy affects us all so much.

If you want to learn anything, it takes some time to study. Something that seems quite small can have an important effect on your life, like your bed, you need to learn how to make it right for your energy.

This is important, as your bed is a part of your life.

Feng Shui of the Bedroom – Part I

Earth Yin Energy Draws Your Energy

Everybody needs to go to bed at night. If you do not have any money to get a bed, then of course this is not good.

For example, consider homeless people who have to sleep in the street. The streets are cold, wet and dirty. No matter how much you cover yourself up, you will get cold. This is because the Earth’s energy will take your body’s energy.

When anything dies and lies on the ground, the Earth energy breaks it down, or decomposes it so that it can become part of the earth. So anything that is not protected will be given negative energy to break it down.

image courtesy of listpilot

image courtesy of listpilot

Things like plants can take this energy to help them grow and then animals and people can eat them as their food.

So you should not sleep on the ground, or in the street. Even sleeping on the floor at home is not good because if you are too close to the ground it will take your energy.

If you have to do that, then you must keep your body warm enough to protect you from the damp and cold, to stop it coming to your body, otherwise while you are  sleeping you will be ill. Heat is good as it can protect your body.

For example, if you go camping it is important to keep yourself warm so you do not get cold whilst you are sleeping. Otherwise you will lose the feeling with the environment around you until it is very cold and by then you will already be weak.

It is the same situation when you sleep on the floor at your friend’s house.

Sometimes when you have to stay at your friends, there are often too many people and not enough beds, so you have to sleep on the floor. Then you have to make sure that you are warm enough while you sleep, otherwise the next day you will be ill.

Support Your Body While You Are Sleeping

Now let’s talk about your bed and how it affects your energy.

image courtesy of trendszine

image courtesy of trendszine

If your bed is too soft, it will affect your bones and blood circulation. You will feel weak and tired and will not have enough energy.

If the bed is hard, then it is good for your bones and circulation and gives your body support. Your energy will be strong. Usually, the majority of people are used to soft beds and armchairs as they think they are more comfortable. However, these are not good for your body. The more comfort you have the more lazy you become and you will feel tired, sleepy and lose your energy.

When you change your bed to a hard one, you may find it difficult to sleep and might even find your bones and joints hurt. This is because of the pressure of the bone and skin against the bed. In the west it is rare to find a mattress made out of wood. When people sleep on a wooden bed, there is some space between the body and the bed. This means the air can pass through and this is good for your circulation.

It is also good for supporting your bones. Furniture that is too comfortable will make you lazy and bring down your energy.

Actually the body needs support not comfort.

Help The Energy Circulating Your Body

If a bed is too low this is also not good. This will make you feel that you always want to sleep and not want to wake up.

This is the same case as before when your body is too close to the ground and so the Earth will take your energy, even though you are covered with blankets or duvets. If you sleep on a bed like this or even just a mattress on the floor, then this is no good for your body.

If your bed is too high then this is no good for sleeping as well. This bed will create bad dreams.

Sometime we will imagine many things and this is because the body is not grounded, it is like it is hanging in mid-air.

So, what is the right height? It should be two and a half feet. Not higher than two and a half feet high and not lower than two feet, including the mattress.

Let The Fresh Air In

image courtesy of mortgage-networks

image courtesy of mortgage-networks

If your bedroom has no windows, or you always sleep with the windows closed, then this is also no good for your health.

When we sleep we breathe naturally (since you don’t do anything else). With no fresh air you might have bad dreams and will feel tired the next day. This is because it will affect your kidney energy. So you should make sure there is enough fresh air coming into your bedroom.

If the weather is cold, you should cover yourself with enough blankets or a good duvet to make sure you are warm enough while you sleep and so do not catch cold. If the weather is warm, then things are easier.

If outside your bedroom it is very noisy or the air is not good, you can try opening another window in your home and keeping the bedroom door open instead. You can put a glass of water next to your bed or even some plants around your bedroom. This will help the make the energy good for you bedroom.

Michael Tse
QI Magazine Issue 55 May/June 2001