Feng Shui of the Bedroom – Part I

Feng Shui covers many different things.

It does not just apply to the overall location of a building and its surroundings, it also applies to each and every room within that building.

One of the most important rooms in your home is your bedroom. It is very important to have good Feng Shui here as you spend so much time asleep in it.

It is during this time bad energy will effect you most.

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As a renown Feng Shui disciple, Master Tse has to travel to many different places in the world to teach and demonstrate the arts. As a result he is used to sleeping in different hotels, different beds and various types of accommodation. Whenever he stays somewhere new, the first thing he does is check the Feng Shui of the room.

The following article describes some of his point of view to the Feng Shui of bedroom and how it affects the body.

The first thing I check is the air in the room, is it clean and fresh and can I open the window? Is the air outside fresh? I check the air because air is Qi, so if the  air is no good, then the room cannot be good for my health.

The next thing I check is the bed. A soft bed is usually not good for your posture, and the next day, when you wake up you might feel stiff or still feel tired. When the bed is too soft, it will make your posture curved and then the Qi and the blood will not flow so the next day you still feel sleepy.

When the bed is firmer, your body does not get squeezed by the mattress, then Qi and blood can flow more easily through your body and so you will sleep much better. Of course, if you open the window and let more fresh Qi in you will sleep even better and the next day you will have more energy. All this is common sense, but some things you need to know about, otherwise you may never consider them.

If there is a mirror facing your bed then your sleep and relaxation will be effected. Each time you wake up you will see yourself and this is like waking up to find that there is always someone in your bedroom watching you. If there was someone in your bedroom you would not be able to relax. So the mirror will effect you relaxation, thus you should not have a mirror facing your bed. It is better to move it to a position where it does not face your bed at all.

The view out of your bedroom window is also important. If you have a good view, nice, natural scenery it will give you more Qi. If, however, you have something bright and artificial like a neon advertising board it will effect your mind and if you have a partner, it will effect your relationship. A third party can easily move in and effect your family.

You should never have anything hanging down over your bed like a lampshade or have a ceiling beam running over your bed.

Some people like to have decorations or wall fitting that hang over the bed, all these are not good and will effect your health. Any objects that hang down so they are over your stomach will effect your stomach.

If they hang over your legs, they will effect your legs, and if they hang over your head they will effect you head and give you headaches.

Feng Shui considers images, images can create energy fields. Good images create good energy and bad images create bad energy. So when you are a sleep if there is something near a part of your body which is creating bad energy it will effect that area, so you have to be careful.

A door opening onto you bed is also not good, that is, when you can draw a straight line perpendicular to the door straight to you bed. Which ever partner’s side of the bed this line hits will have a problem.

Sometimes this situation is hard to avoid, so in this case you should move the bed so that the line strikes a little as possible, or try to keep the door closed most of the time.

If your bed also faces the toilet door, then you have to keep this door closed otherwise you will become ill very easily.

When thinking about the position of your bed you also have to consider the neighboring room and what is in it. You should not have your bedroom too close to the toilet or kitchen as these will create too much water and fire and this energy will effect your body whilst you are sleeping.

This happens because your body relaxes and becomes more open and so will take in more of the energy around you.

This is fine is the energy is good Qi, but if it is negative or too artificial then it will effect your health.

However, it is often hard to change the position of your bed as the bedroom is often quite small. If this is the case, try not to put too much furniture in the bedroom, make as much space as you can. If you have more space, you will have more air and more natural light.

If you can do this then your health will be better.

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