Healing Energy Characteristics for Five Internal Organs

If a conversation is taking place about the Qi phenomenons and supernatural Elements, a typical person usually believes it is something related to the Eastern supertitious or religions.The word Qi or Ch’i (pronouced chee) in which has been explained in nearly every one of my articles that talks about the practice of Qigong. For every attempt of giving it a proper definition, Qi comes under a different translation or interpretation.

Knowledge of Qi does not limit only to the word itself but has been spanned more than 3000 years old of the oriental civilizations. Qi, also called Vital Energy or Bio-Energy, is a phenomenon that has drawn much attention in the West for the recent years. Acupunture, too, is now commonly known and there is hardly a doctor anywhere who has not spent some time looking into it. However, both of these works bring along doubts. Modern science pronouces the phenomenon of Qi medical and physical investigation.

The original ideogram for Qi in its root should be rendered as “Vapor” in English. It has also been known at “Vital Energy” or “Vitality” in reference to my Qigong fellows. But Qi is very closely associated with breath (though it would be better to say that breath contains Qi). Chinese is not the only Eastern culture that has been aware of Qi, other cultures have given Qi the other names as well: Hindus call it prama, Pacific Islanders refer as mana, the Tibetans rlung (means Wind), Hebrews ruach (wind) and even the ancient Greek called it pneuma (spirit, wind). Qi is similar to how electricity flowing through a metal wire and it can generate heat or work or energy, but in fact none of these energy could identify Qi, or Yin Qi to be specific.

Our body, our world and life and everything in our surrounds, there are two types of Qi energy exist. They are called Yin and Yang Qi. Each of the component creates the interaction between one another that makes life possible. Our bodies are briefly capable of storing both pure yang and pure yin Qi in different areas, though this state of nonquilibrium is subject to entropy ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entropy_%28information_theory%29 ).

The questions remain is what kind of energy is Qi ? Is Yin a negative pole while Yang a positive pole in an electricity current? Clinical investigation in medical laboratories seems to indicate that the electrical resistance of the skin changes markedly at acupunture points. There are “electrical acupunture machines” that make use of this phenomenon to locate the points for neophytes. This is an indication that Qi and voltage are somehow inversely related. However, Qi displays neither voltage nor amperage; rather it is an entirely different phenomenon, based on very different forces. Innate Yin and Yang Qi in human body are limited under certain amount and are stored by the size of the Dantien. These two opposite energies can never meet. They normally run parallel to each other, yet never letting go of one another. By itself, Yang Qi cannot pass the limits of the body without sufficient amount of Yin. Some of us are born with a greater amount of Yin Yang Qi therefore they can bend spoons, levitate items, predict events in future, etc…how and why? because Yin is the only energy that can overcome, penetrate or take control of the strong and solid characteristic of Yang objects. We will discuss about Yin energy in a different time, in this article we learn about the Yang energy, healing colors and energy systems in the body.

Yang energy, if anything to describe such force, it should be the solar energy stored in our earth’s asmostphere. Yang energy is created by nature. Yang energy is hot, pure and if to be seen Indonesian Qigong master John Chan’s demonstration, it has the blue color. Yang energy has the capability of incendiary effects, as evidenced by the pyrogenesis demonstrations. In one of the cancer treatments by John Chan*, he successfully used an overdose of Yang Qi to dry up the cancer cells as they were exposed to strong beam power. While three of patients were instantly cured and still alive today, the other four died on the spot, their weakened frames unable to endure the blast of energy. Sometimes, it is the Will of heaven that every single life on earth must follow.

Nevetheless, practicing Qigong means we are getting closer to nature, delaying the aging process and leading a healthier life. Another importance skill gained from practicing Qigong is the ability to heal other people. Before taking the step deeper into the techniques, we must understand how the human body has different energy systems that circulate in every major organ system. A blockage in one organ often indicates blockages in other organs within the same energy system. Each energy system or channel also responds favorably to various colors. Knowing the relationship of our internal organs is very important for the healing process to be effective.

Five Internal Organs

Paul Luong — 2010

*John Chang is a Qigong Master whose story has been told in the book called Magus of Java

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