Wing Chun – Lower Palm Application

Picture 4The lower palm (reverse palm) is taught in Wing Chun‘s first form Sui Lim Tao. You could say it is also part of the Po Pai Chang (Po Pai palm), which is a very powerful technique from the wooden dummy form.

The lower palm, as performed in Sui Lim Tao is high, ie at shoulder level. To apply it this way against an opponent is a mistake. If you do it this way your arm will become tense and vulnerable.

Lets see how we should use this technique.

1. Deflect the opponents punch with your palm (if you Pak Sau the elbow you might break it! Especially if his punch is strong).

Picture 5

2. Begin stepping in and to the side. Keep contact with his elbow in case he changes. This sensitivity or ability to sense his movements comes only through Chi Sau (sticking hands).

Picture 6

3. Step to the side and strike him at his centre, at his Dantien. If done correctly this strike will make him weak, because you have struck his Dantien.

Picture 7

Originally published by Michael Tse
Posted with permission of Master Michael Tse, Qi Magazine Issue 4.

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