Fengshui for Front Entrance and How It Changes Your Future

“A lot of people only consider how big the inside of their houses are and miss- what-is-outside in the surrounding environment..”

The entrance of the house is very important and in fact the quality of the entrance is equal to how good the house is. When looking for a house, we usually would like to have enough space at the front.

Sometimes you can see big houses that have a fountain in front and have enough space for cars to come in and drive round in a circular way. Sometimes these houses have a mountain behind.

These houses are usually good as they have enough space to let the energy come in. Things do not feel tight.

Unfortunately, many houses have that problems. These problems arise because no one has considered the entrance, only the inside.

You find many houses that open directly onto the street. When you step out the door you step straight onto the street, this is more like a shop. In this kind of house, the people will feel very tight, and in terms of finances, they will have no money left, no matter how hard they work.

So it is very important to have enough space for the entrance of your house. Another bad situation can arise when suddenly you have road works directly in front of your house. Even if your house has enough space in front, this will not be good for your health.

However, this situation you cannot really avoid. You can only wait for them to finish.

There might be a corner of another building pointing at your entrance and this also is not good. It will affect your health and you may even be prone to having accidents.

I once came across a family who lived in a very nice detached house. The husband had just had a promotion at work. His children were growing up and he had more money to spend so they decided to look for another house.

Eventually they found a house which was much bigger than the one they were living in. The ground floor belonged to other people, and their part covered the 1st and 2nd floors, and so they would have enough space for the children. After they had made the final decision to buy, they asked a friend about Feng Shui as they did not know anything about it. I had already checked their friend’s office, so he told them to contact me.

When I saw their new house I said, “Although this flat is very big, your entrance is not at the front of the building, it is at the back. To get in you need to come to the back of the house. This means you will not take the best energy; you will only get the second energy, which might be negative energy.”

He was afraid when I told him this.

What could he do, he had already bought the flat. I suggested that he break down some of the wall and so make the back entrance bigger. Then it would look like there were two entrances to the building, one at the front and one at the back.

Unfortunately, he could not do this as it would effect the structure of the building. Afterwards, he lost his position at work and his son had an accident. In some situations we really cannot do that much, and it may that the best solution is to move to another place.

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However, there are sometimes things that one can do to improve the Feng Shui.

If you find your entrance is facing a corner, a flyover or facing other houses (i.e. your door faces another door), then you should put outside your door, a pair of stone lions or dogs-facing outwards.

If you cannot do that, then you can put some thing in your windows, like a plant which is high enough to block the view, or a windmill which moves and circulates the energy, even a mirror that faces out will help.

You need something to fight against the negative energy so that you do not take all of it.

Whenever you buy a house, check the entrance and make sure it has a good position and view as it will effect your future.

For example, a big tree sits directly to the front door of the house will interrupt the flow of positive energy coming to the house.

It will make people in the house prone to stomach sickness (big tree breaks the balance by consuming Earth energy, which is nourishing the Spleen and Tummy energy). Earth is also the center of life. When this energy is weakened people in the house tend not to bond very well to each other and they will break apart and move somewhere, mostly due to conflicts not natural reasons.

On the other hand, a little pond or water fountain in the front of the house is very good. The circulation of fresh and clean water brings wealth to the family and everyone’s career. But be sure not to place it directly to the front door.

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Feng Shui Guard Dogs

I’m sure you usually see these items in the front of a Chinese restaurent. I guess they know what they are doing to make business better and less problems.

Water Fountains

You just need one or two of these. Avoid over using them to create a balance of good Qi.

Small Good Energy Plants

Bamboo is the symbol of luck in Feng Shui view because it grows slowly and ever green. They are also very easy to take care of.

by Michael Tse

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