Qigong or Medical Therapy, which will one bring to the fight against cancer?

“Qi is like a dam, it is holding back the cancer cells from growing”

You have only two months to live,” the doctor told the patient who had been diagnosed with cancer.

That is a very scary conversation. Who can be calm enough to accept it.

Cancer is a very serious illness and considered an incurable disease.

In Western medicine, cancer patients will have chemotherapy and radio therapy, even operations to get rid of the cancer.

They believe that by using strong chemicals, drugs or operations, that the cancer cells can be either killed or cut out. However, no one can guarantee that the cancer cells will not grow again somewhere else.

Lately, I have been treating many cancer patients, most all of whom who have already had chemotherapy treatment or operations or both. So after the Qigong treatment, when I have finished working on the acupuncture points and channels and ransmitting Qi, they find they all look good and feel better.

However, if the patient is still having chemo-therapy or taking other medicines, then the body uses the energy from the treatment and the Qi gathered from their own Qigong practice to try and cleanse the body of toxins (including the medicine) and negative energy. So when I next see the patient they often look tired and are weak again.

Therefore I always prefer that they either stop or complete the Western treatment before I treat them.

Otherwise it wastes the energy. Also, from my experience, many people who have chemotherapy or operations, will have problems again later in a few years time, and this time it will be even more serious.

However, I see that Qigong can help. It is used widely as a treatment for cancer in China, helping the patient fight the problem by building up more Qi through the exercise and relaxation.

When you practice Qigong, your body becomes stronger. Actually our bodies are not that weak and doing Qigong brings up the Qi so that you can stand the cancer growing.

Firstly, however, as your Qi becomes stronger, the cancer cells will stop growing. This means that you will not be tired and weak.

More practice can improve the blood circulation and make the internal organs strong. Even the problem areas will be stronger. If your body has very fresh blood then it maintains the good condition of other areas in the body.

In addition, the spirit will be strong so that the body can easily fight the cancer. The problem area will begin to heal and hard lumps will become softer and eventually disappear as the cells become normal again. But during Qigong treatment and practice, the patient must have enough patience to continue their practice every day, even if on some days they feel weak or depressed. On these days they can do less but must not miss the practice completely.

The Qi from practice is like a dam, it is holding back the cancer cells from growing. It is also fighting to overcome them as well. Your body is relying on the Qi rather than strong medicine or operations.

This is quite the opposite of Western medicine which relies on these conventional therapies. However, these same drugs or operations can damage healthy parts of the body as well. They can also make the patient weaker and weaker until eventually they cannot survive. The cancer grows too fast for the body to fight.

In my experience, however, positive results can be had through the practise of Qigong if the patient is diligent in their practice and does not give up but keeps fighting.

by Michael Tse

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