Big wrestler lost to a small Tai Chi expert in takedown challenge

Video by M Christovano Pacelli‎. Here’s his few words regarding the event in this video:

Well, in the immortal words of my belated teacher Michael Rosario-Graycar… I was concussed!

Definitely puked a few times and am still a bit blurry, but here is something to spread out to everyone. Please keep in mind that, as far as I could tell, he was using about 50% of his power with me (The highest he has ever used on a video)… everything else your going to see from the weekend was at the lower level of his fajin. Chen Laoshi was a gentleman for not hitting me with every strike in the book.

That is about all your going to see (Litigation and Liability are not words that go well with this stuff). The things you see him doing were thoroughly reviewed. Since he knew I wouldn’t bee suing him… I got the brunt. But the man will take on any challenger, and use full force (in China!!) height and weight not important.

I want to thank all of the wonderful practitioners that supported this seminar. Everyone knows I don’t have a school, and I don’t teach… but I will bang!!! I am happy to offer my body on the alter of Chen Taijiquan. I can’t list everyone, but you know who you are and I will continue to make the effort. You are all worth it!

As far as the ensuing comments… I am in a lot of pain, and seeing a little funny, but I can remember using all of my force. The man is no joke! Please enjoy. I need to lay down now..!

Pushing Hands in a MMA Miami seminar

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