Chen Taiji – Whirl Arms Application

Whirl arms is a simultaneous evade and controlling technique. It is usually performed with a step back, so its full name is ‘Step back and whirl arms on both sides’.

The technique uses spiral energy. The spiral comes from the center of the body and the energy is transferred to the hands which literally ‘whirl’ around the body. The hands should be relaxed since they are not the source of the energy. In this way, when your hand reaches your enemy he will suffer all your energy.

1. When you face your opponent relax. Let him punch and move forward.
Picture 1

2. As he comes to your center, turn to your left, so evading the punch. Twist the waist so creating a spiral though the hand. Catch his neck and step back.
Picture 2

3. Pull down. The step back creates another spiral, so making the pull down powerful. It is easier to pull him down, rather than push him to the side, since you create a powerful spiral and use his momentum.

Picture 3

Originally published by Michael Tse
Posted with permission of Master Michael Tse, Qi Magazine Issue 4.

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