The Properties of Five Elements

Liver, Gall Bladder, Green, Shouting, Anger, Deer, Sour, Rancid, Spring, Tendon, Eye, Life, East, Birth, 3, 8

Heart, Small Intestine, Red/Orange, Laughing, Joy, Bird, Bitter, Scorched, Summer, Pulse, Tongue, Gas, South, Growth, 2, 7

Spleen, Stomach, Yellow/Brown, Singing/Talking, Over thinking, Monkey, Sweet, Fragrant, Long Summer, Muscle, Mouth, Compound, Centre, Conversation, 5, 10

Lung, Large Intestine, White/Gold, Weeping, Sorrow, Tiger, Spicy, Rotten, Autumn, Skin & Hair, Nose, Solid, West, Gathering, 4, 9

Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Blue/Black, Groaning, Fear, Bear, Salty, Putrid, Winter, Bone, Ear, Liquid, North, Storage, 1, 6

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