Time Is The River of No Return…Or Just How We Define It ?

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…Aug 24th

“What’s time is it?” , “9:26 pm”

…Aug 25th

“What’s time is it?” , “9:05 pm”

“Wow today is the past of yesterday!” — “What are you talking about??”

My friend was completely puzzled from my random response… as usual. And you, what do you think of time? or our world? ..yes, the physical world that our continual knowledge believes in, despite the fact that Hindus, Incas, Buddhist, Daoist, Mayas and many other ancient civilizations regarded the whole “world” as an illusion.

How much can we truly ‘know’ for certain?

Some people, or theories postulate that there is no past and future but only the present. Isn’t it time like a river that each one of us either swims, floats, boats, or drowns in? We can embark and disembark at different points but it is all just the same river.

Another example requires more work of imagination if you don’t have the tool:  if you look through a lens at a holographic dish the entire hologram can be viewed at any point. Therefore, similarly, the universe is present at every point in time, and the past and future are likewise, present.

When was the last time you watch a video clip on Youtube or a TV show? Technically there are just images lined up one after another in the interval of one second.

Each second one screen comprises twenty four frames of celluloid film. Each frame, or moment, is a separate but complete piece of action that is perfectly still; There is nothing enters or leaves the frame, or appears or disappears.

In the theater, the projector slides the frames past the lens rapidly so that the action onscreen creates the illusion of motion…

In our daily waking lives the thinking mind we own, sees everything constantly in motion and changing continuously just like the projector lens, but the still mind registers the present, which is like holding the film up to the light and looking at individual frame.

Then the whole world’s movement stops and every moment is infinitely still and complete. There is no time, and nothing appears or disappears. You lose the still mind by following your conceptual thinking, which it believes that this is real.

The present moment is used simply to distinguish the past from the future.

However, it is very difficult to pinpoint this very moment, because since a fraction of a second before the present moment exists in the past while a fraction after it lies in the future.

The second one attempt to capture the present moment by exclaiming “Now!” as soon as the world is uttered, are already in the past. Both past and future depends on the present but we experience only the present. Only in the present are we really alive, as the past has already happened and the future has not yet arrived.

Heard about World End 2012? If the sun were to explode right now we would not know about it for another eight minutes, as that is how long it takes for the lights to reach us from the sun.

Then…then the Hercules constellation is 27,000 light years, which means that we see it as it appeared 27,000 years ago, before the first ever human city, or the invention of the bow and arrow! ..Now you see, the light from distant stars may take millions of years to reach us, so we actually just know how the stars looked in the past but not their present status.

Hercules Constellation

A week ago my girl friend and I went to the movie downtown Silverspring.

She went to the second floor of the Majestic Theater waiting, while I was on the road making an attempt to cross the street to Chick-a-fil-a, hoping for success smuggling in the theater some chickens.

We had a phone conversation while I was walking back. The traffic was bad, or at least in my field of view. Yet the traffic I was seeing was purely my own judgment of present. The traffic has passed out of my view is the past, and that which is yet to appear in the future.

Suddenly, she told there was a fire truck heading on my crossing line and I should be careful. She also made astoundingly accurate predictions regarding the make and color of some cars approaching out of view.

If I was not to know she was upstairs looking the theater windows, I would have been tempted to think it’s a supernatural skill or Divine being, when in reality it is just her several floors up with a much greater view of the street.

Her present includes part of what I see as the past and future; she is also reading my future from my present. Higher up, at the roof top of the building, where there is an even greater view (symbolic of higher consciousness), future and present cease to be and there is only the present.

From my limited perspective, at street-level, there appeared to be a past and future but it’s all just one and the same…

Time is connected to space and is relative to how fast an object travels through space..blah..blah..how I hate physics, maybe you do too.

But let’s think of a simple fact to avoid confusion even though I’m quite sure you are in the middle of it right now.

As we begin to reach the speed of light, time slows down, and when we become to the speed of light time becomes stationary… Or other word froze.

So in theory at least, traveling faster than the speed of light then we should be able to travel backwards in time.

However, according to Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, as we approach the speed of light the whole universe becomes concentrated into an infinitely thing consequently infinitely dense barrier in the direction in which we are traveling.

The force of friction would increase accordingly so it is nearly impossible for an object to actually reach the speed of light. The physical world can be thus defined by space and time, but what happens when the consciousness is removed from the physical world ?

… For my friends or anyone who knows about yin and yang, what if we enter the yin world, the world of unconsciousness whereas the boundaries of yang world no longer exist, where would we be? Where would we go? …And why we exist?

In the realm far, far beyond the gravitation of the earth (known to me as the pure Yin energy) where time does not exist, you cannot know which was yesterday, or today, or tomorrow.

When time is gone, the future and past also go. There is only eternity. In eternity there is no yesterday and tomorrow, it is just here…and now.

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