A documentary of true Qigong healing power

Video footage of the Indonesian acupuncturist and qigong master known as John Chang.

Unlike the brief footage in the Ring of Fire documentary, this video was distributed with John’s permission. He puts on an unforgettable show for a handpicked group of American scientists, including:

  • Catherine Cooke, ambassador for the Mind Science Foundation
  • Dr. Roger Nilson
  • Dr. Gregory Simpson, physicist from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

If the video can be believed, John provides conclusive answers to some questions I have posed here before:

  • Is neigong powerful enough to stop a bullet? Yes, potentially. John can catch a pellet from an air rifle in his hand.
  • Is qi a form of electricity? No. Even though John’s “charge” can light a standard LED, it doesn’t register on a voltmeter.

Unfortunately, we cannot expect any more demonstrations from John. His dead teacher, Liao Tsu-Tong (a.k.a. Mr. Weird Banana), will not allow it.

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