Miraculous Qigong Therapy

It may sound like a fairy tale to diagnose illness without medical instruments or to cure it without medicine, but this is often done in China. Such miracles, are made possible by the application of Qigong and have attracted much attention in and outside of China. Qigong therapy is practised by a gigong master who can emit a kind of energy called “Qi”, in order to diagnose or remove an illness. It has cured many sufferers of common diseases, as well as numerous difficult and complicated cases which had failed to respond to ordinary methods of treatment.

Let’s have a look at some typical cases reported in Chinese newspapers and magazines.
A Qigong master named Xu Yifan has succeeded in curing Julian a British dramatist, of a chronic ailment. Julian had been a ballet dancer,. At the age of 19 he contracted rheumatoid arthritis which caused atrophy in his left hand, so that his fingers curled awkwardly inwards and the phalanges became deformed. Before long his left arm became stiff and immobile. Later he became paralysed and had to walk on crutches. In march 82, after hearing about Xu Yifan from a friend. Julian came to China to seek the help of the Oigong master.

Xu Yifan started his treatment by pointing his right forefinger and middle finger at his patients left arm, which was then in splints. In three to four minutes. Julian began to feel his left arm becoming more flexible. then at Xu’s suggestion he removed the splints he had worn for more than ten years. Incredibly, the pain he had suffered was now gone and he could move his fingers with little effort. After that Xu started to direct his Oi at Julian’s head. Moments later, used his finger to apply pressure on Julian’s Dazhui acupoint on the neck, whereupon Julian’s paralysed leg began to quiver. Xu then went on to press several other acupoint on Julian’s body. The treatment was over after about 20 minutes. Julian was now able to squat and rise on his feet without the help of crutches. It all happened so quickly that even he himself could not believe it!

Another case cured by Oigong therapy was Zhang Runzi, a well known woman sculptor in Beijing. Sporadically confined to bed for 32 years, she was in declining health and her weight had reduced to a mere 35kg. One day in the autumn of 1987, after she had broken her leg in a fall, a friend of hers took her to her to Qigong master Yan Xin for treatment.

When they arrived at Yan’s house, he was about to go to the Great Wall to shoot a TV programme, and he asked Zhang Runzi to go with him. His invitation was a great surprise to the ailing woman, who was such a weakling that she had never thought of going to the Great Wall in all her 30 years residence in Beijing. Moreover, she was recovering from a fever she had caught the day before and her broken leg hurt.

Yet she was persuaded by the Oigong master and went on her first outing in three decades. After she got on the bus she gradually felt warm all over and her fingers turned brown as if tanned by the sun. When she came to the foot of the great wall, she faltered at the foot of the climb, but gradually felt stronger and stronger,until she finally reached the top!

It was Yan Xin Who had made all this happen. All the way up the Great Wall he was sending out his “Qi” without his patient knowing it, invigorating her for the effort. That night Zhang was surprised to find that her body was overflowing with a warm current. Finding herself a totally new person she wrote a poem to express her excitement:

For 32 years I was bedridden with lingering disease,
In one instant I’ve regained strength for my outing to the Great Wall.

Like Zhang Runzi, Liu Da. former president of Oinghua University, was able to climb the Great Wall on his own in October last year,thanks to the unique treatment given by Yan Xin.

Qigong therapy is unique in that the therapist needs not have any physical contact with the patient. Take Cai Quibai, a Oigong master from Shanghai, for instance. One day he gave treatment to a man whose face and neck, had gone numb.

Sitting face to face and about seven to eight metres away from his patient, he emitted “qi”with the fingers of his left hand before suddenly staring hard at the man, who involuntarily jerked his head. In just 30 minutes, the muscles in the patients face became normal again.

Some Qigong masters treat their patients even when they are dozens of miles away. Yan Xin, for one, was recently invited to demonstrate his telepathic powers at Qinghua University. Positioning himself at various distances ranging from seven to 2000 km from the University’s laboratory, he made an effort to direct his “qi” at it while the results of it were monitored by professors and scientists with sophisticated instruments. How astonished they were to find a series of molecular changes and chemical changes taking place in the tap water, normal saline, glucose solution, DNA, RNA, and other chemicals in the lab! Changes in the properties of laser beams also occurred.

Qigong therapy was considered something mysterious up till a few years ago. Now, with Qigong masters opening clinics to the public, more and more people come to them to help.

What, then, are the principles of Qigong therapy? Nobody can tell as yet, although experts have been trying to find out the answer. According to Mo Wendan, a Qigong practitioner in Guangxi, every human body has a biological field round it. A Qigong master, whose biological field is stronger than that of ordinary people, can use his out going “qi” to stimulate an ailing mans biological field by induction, thereby helping to clear the “jingluo” passages in his system.

The longer and more serious an illness, the weaker biological field, and the stronger the induction caused by the Qigong treatment. That is why immediate results can often be achieved by qigong therapists caring for those suffering from partial or complete paralysis.
Lou Ge, a professor of physics in Beijing University, believes that the “qi” released by a Qigong therapist is a kind of biological energy, and has quoted theoretical works by foreign authors in support of his view. But Zhang Hongbao a young Qigong master in Heilongjiang, believes that it is impossible to explain the mechanism of Qigong only by theories of Chinese medicine, or by only modern theories of physics and chemistry. He holds that Qigong is a life science that involves many branches of learning , including cybernetics, physics, information theory, unified field theory as well as theories of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong has aroused immense interest in Chinese scientific, medical and theoretical circles.

Many specialists, professors, doctors and college students take part in Oigong research while practising Qigong exercises to gain first hand experience in their curative effects. However because of the long history of Chinese Qigong and the great variety of Qigong Schools in existence, it is hard to find accurate statistics on which type of Qigong therapy is effective for which diseases. Many Qigong masters have made it clear that it is wrong to regard Qigong as a cure-all. As a matter of fact, not a few ailing people who have received Qigong treatment are not satisfied with the results. On the whole. Qigong therapy needs to be further researched and developed on a scientific basis before it can be fully accepted as a sure means of medical treatment.

by Bian Xuan

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