Qigong and Health

Why do we get ill? Why don’t we live to 100 or 150 years old? The answers to these questions may lead us to a very healthy existence. (Michael Tse)

Chinese medicine attempts to answer these questions in terms of Qi (vital energy). Qi is the energy which sustains us.

If you, don’t maintain your qi then maybe you will become tired and ill. For example, when you finish work. You go home, you might watch T.V, read a book, or even go to the pub and have a drink. Afterwards you feel tired, even though you’ve been relaxing.

Why? You feel tired because you have been using your energy, even reading a book uses energy!

When your energy is low you will start to feel weak and tired. In this condition you will easily become ill.
If you don’t consider your energy or qi then by the time you are middle aged you will find yourself really getting ‘old’!

What then is qi (pronounced ‘chee’)? Qi is the energy that flows inside the body. It maintains the internal organs, body temperature and protects and lubricates the blood vessels. The Qi flows along the ‘meridians’, or ‘acupuncture channels’. These channels connect the acupuncture points found on the body. The Chinese character for qi can also be translated to mean ‘air’. Thus the main element life is air!

If you breath in the fresh air in the proper manner you can maintain your qi to support your life. Qigong translated means ‘energy skill exercise’. It consists of movement and meditation. Moving the body you can help the qi to flow, and by keeping still you can gather qi. Thus the method follows the principal of yin and yang to develop the qi.

Qigong therapy is practiced by a qigong master who transmits his qi. The qigong master uses his energy to strengthen the patients internal organs, open the acupuncture points and channels,eliminate negative qi, to ease the patients pain and bring him to balance. After treatment the patients qi should be strong enough to resist his illness (read Miraculous Qigong Therapy).

Many hospitals in China provide qigong treatment and it has cured many illnesses,even serious cases which have failed to respond to conventional methods. Qigong is very popular in China and is practised by millions of people, and is growing more popular in the west.

Michael Tse is a qigong master. He studied qigong for seventeen years with one of China’s most famous qigong masters, 101 (in 1994) year old Yang Meijun.

Since arriving in this country four years ago, he has given lectures, seminars and qigong treatments throughout this country and Europe in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and also America. Featured in many articles, he has appeared on Mirriam Stoppard’s ‘Health and Beauty Show’ on two occasions, and also on a number of local and national radio stations.

Michael’s teachings include Qigong forms, meditation, the principles of Chinese medicine (five elements), the I Ching and Fung Shui. Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Alexander method teachers, along with a whole range of conventional and complementary health practitioners attest to Michael’s skill.

Michael now holds clinics in London’s Harley Street and Manchester’s St Johns Street. At these clinics he offers qigong treatment and therapy. Having treated his patients he teaches them qigong methods so they can help themselves.

Michael says ‘ True healing can only occur if the therapist and patient co-operate and work together, but at the end of the day you are the best doctor’. Clinics are held in London at Harley Street and also in Manchester at St John -Street.

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